२५ भाद्र २०७८, शुक्रबार

The vaccinated girl was found to be infected with measles and contagion

 Khalanga. Infectious disease measles has been found in Bheri municipality of the district. The contagious disease measles has been confirmed by testing the temperament of a girl who has been showing symptoms of cold and fever for more than a week.

Ranjita BK, 9, of Rawatgaun in Bheri Municipality-1 has been diagnosed with measles, said Dal Raj BK, in-charge of Community Health Center Pipe. Hasita Vik, Ranjit’s mother, said that her daughter Ranjita was taken to the community health center in Pipe for check-up in the last week of July after she had been suffering from cold and fever for several days. Community Health Center Pipe had referred Ranjita to the treatment branch of the Health Service Office, Jajarkot for treatment.  The treatment branch of the health service office had sent Ranjita’s swab to Nepalgunj for testing. According to a report sent by a laboratory in Nepalgunj, Ranjita was kept in the hospital for a week after measles was confirmed, said her mother Hasna Vik. According to Hasna, Ranjita has recovered from the treatment at the hospital.

Ranjita has been vaccinated against measles and rubella within 15 months of birth. According to Hasna, Ranjita was vaccinated against measles at 9 months of age. Nisha Thapa KC, co-coordinator of the Bherinagar Health Branch, said that the World Health Organization (WHO) has made the vaccinated girl a subject of study and research after measles was confirmed.

A team of doctors working at the World Health Organization (WHO) collected more than 18 swabs from Rawatgaon for Ranjit’s contagious disease after measles was confirmed to be contagious, said VK, in-charge of community health center Pipe. According to the information given by the in-charge VK, the report of the swab test taken for the test is yet to come from the laboratory.

The highly contagious infectious disease is caused by the measles and mumps virus. Measles infections can lead to serious complications and even death in children. According to Tikaram Jaisi, Acting Manager, Health Services Office, Jajarkot, the Government of Nepal aims to declare Nepal a measles-free country in 2023 BS.